Harper Launches Innovative Community Arts Project In Parliament

Green Lothians MSP Robin Harper will launch “Parallel Lives 2 – See the Future” in the Scottish Parliament, on Tuesday 19th February.
In 2002 the original groundbreaking Parallel Lives project aimed to introduce socially excluded young people to the experience of responding to art and emphasised the relevance of historical paintings to their lives today.  The project proved that works of art can captivate the minds of an audience who may never have visited an art gallery.  This objective is again at the heart of Parallel Lives 2.
The National Galleries of Scotland will mount a display of works from the inaugural Parallel Lives project in the MSPs first floor lobby of the Parliament building in order to allow MSPs and other government employees to become familiar with the project.
Robin Harper said

“I’m delighted to host an exhibition that demonstrates how important the use of art can be to communities that want to express their views of an ideal society.  It is an important truism that a picture can be worth more than a thousand words.  Using original works of art as an inspiration for creating and interpreting new art to give important messages on local issues is exciting, innovative and above all inclusive for all those taking part.”


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