Greens Call On Salmond To Investigate WMD Transport Risks To Public

Green Co-convener Robin Harper MSP has written to the First Minister calling for an inquiry into the use of Scotland’s roads for transporting weapons of mass destruction. Military and civil emergency planning exercises in recent years have shown the potential for disaster and exposed the ill-preparedness of government agencies.

In the letter to Alex Salmond Harper calls for the review to cover the potential effects of any serious road traffic accident or other disaster and the potential areas affected; the adequacy of current safety planning by the civilian organisations; and any suggested measures for alleviating the effects of a major disaster.

Robin Harper MSP said:

“Weapons of Mass Destruction are a danger to the Scottish people and the environment and risks are taken almost daily with the transport of deadly cargo up and down our roads.

Although the political majority to block these transports is not yet readily available – with the Tories, Labour and Libdems all happy to continue to run these risks into the foreseeable future – at the very least the public should be aware of the dangers and the emergency planning system should be opened for clear inspection.”


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