Addressing Aberdeen University Fresher’s events today, Rector and Greens’ Co-convener Robin Harper MSP, said, “Aberdeen is a welcoming city and University – you can get all the help you will ever need. You have over a hundred societies to choose from – so get out and about and try new ideas, explore new interests, make new friends.”

Mr Harper highlighted the opportunities for extra-curricular activities such as sport, music and volunteering.

He said, “Volunteering is very popular among students, combining opportunities to learn new skills, expand personal development, gain experience, and be of service to others. It works both ways – everyone benefits, and everyone involved enjoys it. It is so important to continue to build on the excellent relationships that students have with the City and the people of Aberdeen.

“You can work in the environment with “dirty weekenders”, helping care for the frail and vulnerable, tutoring and a wide variety of other volunteering activities. I particularly mention “dirty weekenders” – groups of students helping elderly people with gardening, cleaning up open spaces, encouraging wildlife, and working with others to improve the environment round about Aberdeen – healthy, outdoor pursuits with a community purpose.”

Mr Harper also encouraged students to take part in charity fundraising efforts.


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